Course Types

Different learning strategies to meet the needs of busy professionals

  • Full Motivate U Courses

    A full course includes at least 50 minutes of audio and video, powerpoint presentations, transcripts, and downloadable tools. Look for CMO1000-numbers for these full CE learning opportunities!

  • CMOments

    These mini-learning courses are audio only, with transcripts and tools. Designed for short travels and lunch breaks, these are 25 minute, half-CE learning opportunities. Look for CMOment000-numbers if these are a good fit for you!

  • Other Events

    Variety is the spice of life! Live events, like our reading club, coaching circles, and less-structured offerings are also available. Read each event's page carefully to understand what cool stuff you are in for after registering!

Your CE Instructor


Shannon Biagi is the CEO and founder of Chief Motivating Officers, LLC, an organization dedicated to improving the world at work one behavior change agent at a time. Through her work as an organizational behavior management (OBM) practitioner and educator, she has enacted positive behavior change in numerous organizations worldwide, and has influenced the professional development of thousands of leaders through speaking opportunities, training engagements, performance management solutions, and executive coaching/mentorship. She is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst, an all-but-dissertation PhD dropout, and is a co-author on the best-selling OBM textbook OBM Applied: A Practical Guide to Implementing Organizational Behavior Management. In support of the growing community of practitioners, Shannon also volunteers her time as the director of operations of the largest OBM-focused professional development organization in the world – The OBM Network. Finally, Shannon proudly teaches in the online graduate program for the University of West Florida, focusing on OBM, supervision, and ethics. Go Argos!

Shannon Biagi

Senior Instructor