Program Overview

Are you interested in Organizational Behavior Management practice, but are unsure how to get started in your journey?

The Performance Management Basics Program from Chief Motivating Officers was specifically designed for folks who did not get the opportunity to take graduate-level coursework in the science of human behavior applied in the workplace. Starting with the history and principles, this course will introduce learners to the most popular application of OBM, known as Performance Management. 

With practical examples and a number of helpful tools and tips, the Performance Management Basics Program is ideal for:

  • Seasoned behavior analysts that missed out on formal Performance Management training in their graduate programs
  • New leaders who want training on positive management strategies and creating healthy work environments
  • Anyone with an interest in Organizational Behavior Management and the practical applications of it in their daily lives

Each individual course also includes a list of recommended readings and articles to supplement each topic from some of the most popular textbooks and journals in the OBM space.

The Details:

The Performance Management Basics Program - 9 BACB Learning CEs, with 7.5 in Supervision

Shannon Biagi, MS, BCBA
7 hours, 42 minutes
Post-training Quiz & Video Completion Monitoring for Individual Course Completion
Final Exam for Program Completion
Asynchronous online course with videos

Chief Motivating Officers, LLC (#OP-19-3170)

Individual Course Overview

  • PM1000: Foundations

    Learn about the history of PM, how it compares to ABA practice, and how how behavior analysts can share the benefits of behavior science with the wider business community.

  • PM1001: Pinpointing and Measurement

    We'll explore of different types of measurement used in PM practice, and will share strategies that can help leaders better quantify even the most abstract performance metrics.

  • PM1002: Consequences

    How can we leverage various types of consequences as leaders and managers in organizations? See the roles that reinforcement (both + and -), punishment, and extinction play at work.

  • PM1003: Antecedents

    Task clarification, job aids, goals, and even motivating operations... We'll examine the use of antecedents in the workplace, and under what conditions they are likely to be effective (or not!)

  • PM1004: Performance Assessments

    The heart of this program! Learn how to conduct direct and indirect functional assessments to determine and remove barriers to staff performance in this course.

  • PM1005: Preference Assessments

    Let's explore how we can enrich the lives of staff through preference assessments, and more importantly, by eliminating aversive control!

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After this program, participants will be able to:

Program Objectives

  • Describe the utility of behavior analytic principles in organizational applications and considerations for collaboration across industries, in both technical and plain language

  • Identify ineffective behavioral labels and develop alternative pinpointed operational definitions of behaviors, outputs, and business results, including describing best practices for evaluation and measurement

  • Identify characteristics of highly effective antecedents and consequences in organizations, and will evaluate existing environmental arrangements for areas of inefficiency

  • Evaluate performance management scenarios to determine appropriate assessment tools and identify potential interventions based upon historical, direct, indirect, and experimental assessments

  • Determine effective reinforcement strategies for staff through preference assessment methodology, and describe how the working environment itself can be made less aversive for staff

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Our team has very intentionally kept the price of this program incredibly affordable for everyone to help increase access to Organizational Behavior Management education and training. Learning about OBM is not just for those in exclusive, hard-to-find, and primarily brick-and-mortar/on campus graduate programs anymore.
9 CEUs for Just $99


  • What format is the program?

    This program is entirely self-paced, and includes an intro module, 6 recorded video content modules, and a 50-question final exam. The final exam is optional, but completing this allows you to download a single certificate to upload to your BACB portal.

  • How long to I have to complete the program?

    The content courses will expire after 60 days, but don't hesitate to contact us if you would like a free program extension.

  • Are closed-captions available?

    Yes! Every video in every module has had captions uploaded manually, no need to ask.

  • I'm an experienced OBM practitioner and/or have had graduate coursework in OBM previously. Should I take this course?

    Probably not! This course was designed to fill the basic foundational education gap in OBM, so you likely will not learn anything new here. I would encourage you to check out some of our other offerings instead.

  • Is the program mobile-friendly?

    Yes! Even though there is not a mobile app, Motivate U is responsive in your mobile web browser, so you don't need to install anything on your phone to take our courses on the go.

  • Why is it so inexpensive?

    We know, we get this question often. Similar programs in OBM run into the multiple hundreds of dollars, and thousands for grad programs. However, our greater mission to improve the world at work means decreasing as many barriers to accessing high-quality OBM education as we possibly can. If that means not making a huge amount off our students, then we will continue to live happily and humbly doing so.

Are You Ready for the PM Basics Program?

9 CEUs for Only $99

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