What Information We'll Cover

One of the greatest challenges of being a supervisor in behavior analysis is establishing measurement and evaluation strategies to determine the competency of those you are supervising. While the BACB task list/test content outline provides a general idea of what to measure, much of the development process is left up to the supervisors themselves. This lesson will focus on how to use the Task List and job models to establish measurement tools, including checklists, behaviorally-anchored rating scales, and countless fundamental measures of supervisee/trainee performance. Formal and informal monitoring will also be discussed, including how to reduce reactivity and increase acceptability of supervisees and trainees towards evaluation processes. Finally, strategies for evaluating the effectiveness of the supervision program itself will be shared, providing ideas for new and experiences supervisors alike to enhance their processes related to supervising others.
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The Details

SUP1002 - 2 Learning (Supervision) CEs

Shannon Biagi, MS, BCBA
DURATION: 1 hour, 50 minutes
Post-training Quiz and Video Completion
Asynchronous online course with videos

Chief Motivating Officers, LLC (#OP-19-3170)

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After this course, participants will be able to:

Objectives - What We'll Accomplish During This Course

  • Select strategies that may be used to collect baseline data of supervisee and trainee performance

  • Determine the difference between behavior and outcome measures, as well as other factors that are mistaken for behaviors, and determine when to measure each

  • Identify several strategies for measuring performance and when best to use each

  • Differentiate between formal and informal monitoring, and how to increase staff acceptability of each

  • Determine opportunities to collect data to evaluate the effectiveness of the supervision process

Course Outline

  • 01


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    • SUP1002 Syllabus

    • Pre-course Check-in

    • Optional: Download and Complete SUP1002 - Fillable Guided Notes

  • 02


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    • Part 1: Initial Assessment and Baseline of Skills

    • Part 2: Measuring Behaviors vs. Outcomes

    • Part 3: Developing Measurement Tools

    • Part 4: Performance Monitoring

    • Part 5: Evaluating Impacts of Supervision

  • 03


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    • Fifth Edition Task List Self-Assessment Tracker

    • Supervisory Relationship Questionnaire

    • Supervision Monitoring and Evaluation Form

  • 04

    Complete the Course

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    • SUP1002 - Completion Quiz

    • Post-Training Survey