What Information We'll Cover

A large part of the behavior analytic supervisor's responsibilities in their role is to provide effective training for their supervisees and trainees. However, training and development is an entire field and profession of it's own! This lesson will focus on expanding the usually information provided related to behavioral skills training, emphasizing effective preparation, writing measurable learning objectives, and designing effective instruction and practice activities. Additionally, in order to justify the extended time required for high-quality training development, the lesson will provide a structure for evaluating the impacts of training programs on individuals, clients, and the organizations in which they work.
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The Details

SUP1003 - 2 Learning (Supervision) CEs

Shannon Biagi, MS, BCBA
DURATION: 1 hour, 50 minutes
Post-training Quiz and Video Completion
Asynchronous online course with videos

Chief Motivating Officers, LLC (#OP-19-3170)

Closed Captioning available.

After this course, participants will be able to:

Objectives - What We'll Accomplish During This Course

  • Identify conditions under which training is an indicated intervention

  • Select learning objectives that meet the criteria outlined by Mager (1997)

  • Determine the value of collecting baseline data prior to training

  • Identify best practices in all components of behavioral skills training (BST)

  • Determine strategies to evaluate the effectiveness of training based on Kirkpatrick (2016)’s Four Levels of Training Evaluation

Course Outline

  • 01


    Show Content
    • SUP1003 Syllabus

    • Pre-course Check-in

    • Optional: Download and Complete SUP1003 - Fillable Guided Notes

  • 02


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    • Part 1: Preparing for Training

    • Part 2: Training Strategies

    • Part 3: Designing Effective Instruction and Models

    • Part 4: Effective Practice, Feedback, and Trainee Evaluation

    • Part 5: Evaluating Training Effectiveness

  • 03


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    • Job Model Example

    • BST Checklist

  • 04

    Complete the Course

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    • SUP1003 - Completion Quiz

    • Post-Training Survey