What Information We'll Cover

In typical organizations, it is not uncommon for leaders, managers, and supervisors to blame the employee for any and all variations in their performance. However, as behavior analysts we understand that behavior is directly influenced by the environment in which it occurs, and that using labels and hypothetical constructs does not lead to improvements. This lesson will focus on how behavior analytic supervisors can (and should!) take a functional assessment approach to resolving supervisee/trainee performance issues. Multiple strategies for performance assessment will be reviewed, discussing the utility and prevalence of each. Much focus will be given to the Performance Diagnostic Checklist for Human Services (PDC-HS), a combined informant and direct assessment tool that has repeatedly been validated in the ABA and OBM literature, and the interventions of which are indicated given a PDC-HS result.
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The Details

SUP1005 - 2.5 Learning (Supervision) CEs

Shannon Biagi, MS, BCBA
DURATION: 2 hours, 5 minutes
Post-training Quiz and Video Completion
Asynchronous online course with videos

Chief Motivating Officers, LLC (#OP-19-3170)

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After this course, participants will be able to:

Objectives - What We'll Accomplish During This Course

  • Identify common errors that supervisors make when intervening on supervisee/trainee performance issues

  • Determine which assessment strategy (direct, indirect, historical, or experimental) to use under specific conditions, given a scenario

  • Select the appropriate component of training to enhance, given a PDC-HS result

  • Determine conditions under which antecedent interventions are most effective, and identify examples of different antecedent strategies

  • Identify resource, process, and ergonomic factors that may impact supervisee/trainee performance

  • Determine characteristics of effective consequences and barriers faced by supervisees/trainees

  • Given a scenario, select the section of the PDC-HS that contains the most likely indicated intervention

Course Outline

  • 01


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    • SUP1005 Syllabus

    • Pre-course Check-in

    • Optional: Download and Complete SUP1005 - Fillable Guided Notes

  • 02


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    • Part 1: Typical Approaches for Resolving Performance Issues

    • Part 2: Types of Assessment Tools

    • Part 3: The PDC-HS: Training

    • Part 4: The PDC-HS: Task Clarification and Prompting

    • Part 5: The PDC-HS: Resources, Materials, and Process

    • Part 6: The PDC-HS: Consequences, Response Effort, and Competition

    • Part 7: Using the PDC-HS

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    • The PDC-HS

  • 04

    Complete the Course

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    • SUP1005 - Completion Quiz

    • Post-Training Survey