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    Welcome to the Hive!

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    • Introduction to The Hive

    • What's Included in The Hive

    • Hive Tutorial Video Overview

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    Resources and Perks

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    • Coupon Code: 30% off Courses from Motivate U

    • Workplace Wellness Webinars from W3RKWELL

    • Every Employee Engagement Plan (3EP) Worksheet from W3RKWELL

    • Values Assessment from W3RKWELL

    • The CMOs Guide to Troubleshooting Team Talks

    • The CMO's Guide to Getting Into OBM

    • Preference Assessment Planning Form from CMO

    • Performance Scorecards Workbook from CMO

    • CMO's RACI-Gantt for Project Planning

    • Feedback Preference Assessment

    • Stanford: Mission, Vision, Values Presentation

    • CMO's Prioritization Matrix

    • CMO Catch Cards - Feedback Fluency Practice Scenarios

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    Coaching Circles

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    • Zoom Link and Meeting Schedule

    • Zoom Launcher (Opens the Room Instantly)

    • Recording: January (1/20/2020) - On Values, Evaluations, and Performance Scorecards

    • Recording: February (2/17/2020) - On Emotions, Empathy, Tough Conversations, and Feedback

    • Recording: March (3/18/2020) On Feedback and Tough Conversations

    • Recording: April (4/20/2020) - On Wellness in the time of COVID-19

    • Recording: May (5/18/2020) - COVID-19 Check-ins

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    • The Buzz with B&B - Episode 1: Meet the B's

    • The Buzz with B&B - Episode 2: Biagi on Sustainability, Mindful Living, and Her Teeny Tiny House

    • A Hive Exclusive: Biagi and Biscontini on Gender and Leadership

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    Community Discussions (BETA)

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    • General Topics

    • Workplace Wellness

    • Organizational Behavior Management