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Leadership and ABA

CMOment001 - .5 Learning (Type 2) Supervision CEs

Shannon Biagi, MS, BCBA
25 minutes
Post-training Quiz
Audio with transcript


This short course presents an introduction to the idea of leadership from a behavior analytic perspective. While mainstream organizations refer to leadership as if it is a single behavior to be evaluated and measured, behavior analysts have determined that leadership is truly a menu of behaviors, requiring further operationalization and contextual considerations. Furthermore, this course will discuss the state of leadership development in ABA, and how we can establish systems for measuring and evaluating leadership behaviors using the science of human behavior applied at work.

Chief Motivating Officers, LLC (OP-19-3170)

Course Overview

  • 01

    Syllabus and Full Audio

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    • CMOment001 - Leadership and ABA: Syllabus

    • CMOment001 - Leadership and ABA: Full Audio

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    • Section 1 - On Leadership and Behavior Analysis

    • Section 2 - The Leadership Pipeline

    • Section 3 - Developing Leadership Behavior Evaluations

    • Section 4 - Measuring Problem-Solving Skills

    • Section 5 - Conclusions

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    Supplemental Materials

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    • CMOment001 - Summary Infographic

    • CMOment001: Organization and Cleanliness BARS

    • CMOment001: Problem Solving BARS

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    REQUIRED: Post Training Quiz and Feedback

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    • Post-Training Quiz

    • Post-Training Survey

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