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As behavior analysts, we are not trained to review or write contracts. Yet each time we take a new position with an organization, we (sometimes blindly) sign agreements that we're not exactly sure what the implications may be in the future. One common agreement often included in this overwhelming stack of onboarding paperwork is what is known as a "non-compete", which has the potential to be the most damaging signature one will place on a piece of paper in their professional career. This course explores the function of non-compete agreements, the benefits and costs of these to the employee, the organization, and greater society, and how these agreements can be viewed from the perspective of the BACB® Professional and Ethical Compliance Code. We will also provide better practices that organizations can follow if they choose to utilize such agreements, and how we as a field can protect ourselves, our companies, and our employees.
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The Details

CMO1002 - 1 Learning (Ethics) CE

Shannon Biagi, MS, BCBA
50 minutes
Pulse Checks, Post-training Quiz
Asynchronous online course with videos and transcripts

Chief Motivating Officers, LLC (#OP-19-3170)

After this course, participants will be able to:

Objectives - What We'll Accomplish During This Course

  • Define and differentiate between non-compete, non-solicitation, non-disclosure, and intellectual property agreements.

  • Identify the function of non-compete agreements and determine their validity in the field of ABA.

  • Identify the potential costs to people, organizations, and greater society that have been scientifically linked to the use of non-competes in multiple industries.

  • Select the impacts that non-competes can have on organizational culture, from an OBM perspective.

  • Identify the BACB® Professional and Ethical Compliance Code items that are pertinent to conversations around non-compete agreements.

  • Determine potential alternatives to the use of non-compete agreements and strategies organizations can use to decrease the need for such agreements.

Course Outline

  • 01


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    • CMO1002 Syllabus

    • Pre-course Check-in

  • 02

    Course Content

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    • Section 1: Meet Sahar, a Model Clinician

    • Section 2: "We just wanted to remind you..."

    • Section 3: The Functions of Non-compete Agreements

    • Section 4: Consequences of Non-Competes for Individuals

    • Section 5: Consequences of Non-Competes for Organizations and Industries

    • Section 6: Why Do Employees Sign Non-Competes, Anyway?

    • Section 7: Special Considerations for Non-Competes in ABA

    • Section 8: The Professional and Ethical Compliance Code and Non-Competes

    • Section 9: Towards a Better Non-Compete

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    Tools and Supplemental Materials

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    • CMO1002 Slide Handout

  • 04

    Complete the Course

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    • CMO1002 - Completion Quiz

    • Post-Training Survey

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