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Behavioral Interviewing (ABAI 2020)

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Shannon Biagi, MS, BCBA
25 minutes
Post-training Quiz
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Employee selection has often been the focus of human resource professionals and industrial/organizational psychologists in mainstream businesses, and is not often considered one of the practice areas of organizational behavior management (OBM) professionals. Historically, the struggle has been that OBM practitioners (and behavior analysts in general) require direct observation and data to make educated decisions, and during the hiring process, decisions often need to be made based on self-report from both employees and their references. However, this need not be the case. This presentation will focus on concrete strategies that organizations can implement to improve their employee selection process to ensure candidates have the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities for the position, are a good cultural fit, and increase overall employee retention and satisfaction in ABA organizations.

Chief Motivating Officers, LLC (OP-23-10130)

Course Overview

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    Syllabus and Information

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    • ABAI 2020 - Behavioral Interviewing: Syllabus

    • About the Presenter

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    Video and Script

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    • ABAI 2020 - Full Presentation

    • ABAI 2020 - Transcript

    • ABAI 2020 - Powerpoint Slides

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    Additional Readings

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    • Stocco et al (2017) - Improving the interview skills of college students using behavioral skills training

    • Crowell, Hantula, and McArthur (2011) - From Job Analysis to Performance Management

    • Mechling (1973) - Conducting Task Inventories

    • SHRM (2016) Guide to Behavioral Interviewing

    • Abernathy (2014) Beyond the Skinner Box

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    REQUIRED: Post Training Quiz and Feedback

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    • Post-Training Quiz

    • Post-Training Survey

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